Let me ask you the question: do you fight, do you run, or do you stop? When you’re faced with a challenge in your life or your business, which one of those three do you do, fight, run, or stop? Why I want to bring this to your attention today is because we tend to do one of these three things when we’re under stress or pressure.

What have you done in the past? Maybe think about challenges you’ve had previously and what did you actually do? Because when I say fight, I don’t mean you have to go out and punch somebody, I mean really fight for your business, fight for your health, and that may mean just rebuilding, resetting, pivoting in your business. It’s not always a physical fight, but it’s about changing up and making sure that you’re meeting these challenges head on, and doing what you need to do to overcome them.

Some of us run. Some of us run in the opposite direction and say, “Business was too hard, I’m going back to Plan B, I’m going to find a job, I’m not going to do this anymore, I’m a failure,” and we run in the opposite direction, totally from where we wanted to go. Does that make us happy? Usually not. We become tired from trying to run away from our natural path.

They say you know when you’re on the right path because you’re feeling good. If you’re running in the opposite direction, you’re going to feel tired. You’re not going to feel good about it. The other thing is that when we stop and do nothing, we’re like deer in the headlights, and that’s not good either because when we’re overwhelmed, we stop.

Before we break through and move forward, there has to be confusion, there has to be that feeling of getting out of your comfort zone, and we stop, we don’t want to go there, we try and push back, we don’t want to run to Plan B, but yet we don’t want to move forward either, so we become in this stuck state where we’re not going anywhere, and that doesn’t help us to move forward into the future either.

Think about what you normally do. Do you fight, do you run, or do you stop? Then ask yourself, what needs to change for you to move forward right now? Do you fight, run, or stop? What needs to change to allow you to grow your business? What needs to change to allow you to grow yourself? It might be that you need more skills, you might need to learn something new, you might need to take yourself to the next level, you might need to hang out with great people.

That’s what happens at my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop. We have people come together and they really work towards massive momentum. They’re not running in the opposite direction. They’re going, “No I’m going to build my business, I’m going to build myself.” They take action, they’re not sitting and not stopping. They’re not sitting there in the headlights. They’re going, “No, I’m going to fight, I’m going to go along to this event, get new skills and really go out there and help people on a daily basis.”

If you want to know more information about my event, it’s a virtual livestreamed interactive workshop. You can jump on from anywhere in the world, and it’s three days of growing your coaching business to allow you to help more and more people.

Think about what you normally do. I’m asking you to stand up and fight this time, come along to my event in a virtual setting and spend three days with me, knowing that you’re moving forward with momentum, and massive momentum at that. Check in with yourself, and I hope that you choose not to run, not to stop, but you choose to fight.