I want to ask you a question, do you have a business or do you have a job? Many of you strive to get out of the corporate world so you can start your own business. The reason is because business-minded people don’t find pleasure in working for someone else, they want to become their own boss. You see, as an employee you only earn a fixed salary. And sometimes, depending on your field of work, you get commissions, but there is a limit to how much you can earn. Whereas if you are operating your own business, the money you’ll make depends on the efforts you invest in it.

What I notice about people who go into business is even though they’ve managed to veer away from the corporate world and start their own business, the truth is, they’ve really just bought themselves a job. What I mean by this is they are not running it like a business; instead of acting like a CEO or a General Manager, they are acting like an employee. In reality, yes you have a business you can call your own but how you operate it marks the difference between being THE boss and being a boss that acts like an employee, and this is what I want to discuss with you today so you can identify what you have, a business or a job.

Firstly, if you really are running a business then you need to invest in yourself and your business. I’m not talking about money here because anyone can start a business with zero money (think online business). Investing in your business means you need to give it some time and energy. There are actually three things that you can invest in your business and these are time, energy and money. If you don’t have the money then you can at least invest your energy and your time in the business. You can’t grow your business if you don’t spend as much time and as much energy in it as you should.

Secondly, make sure you are working ON your business and not just IN it. You are the leader of your business so you should act the role. A lot of business people are very good at what they do and because they put so much confidence in themselves, they tend to work on their own IN the business and yet fail to work ON the business. Running a business means allocating ample time in your week to ensure that you are acting like the CEO you are supposed to be and work on your business.

Last but not least, hire, engage and delegate. It is normal to work your fingers to the bone during the early days but while you are working hard, strive to get to a point where you can delegate tasks to those who work for you, especially tasks you don’t like doing or you’re not so good at. Time spent doing tasks you could delegate is time wasted. If you don’t delegate you are not strategising well. To make the most out of your business, delegate roles to others so you spend more time doing what you are good at.

There are my three points about having a business versus having a job.

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