Do you have a compelling future or is it all doom and gloom? If you’ve haven’t planned out your future, where are you heading? People who are anxious or have depressive type symptoms, who are stuck, the first thing to ask them is where is their compelling future? Many of them don’t seem to have one.

So if you’re feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, there’s no forward momentum, ask yourself what is my compelling future and how do I go about building that?

Firstly, stop living in the past. Stop looking backwards and complaining about what happened and reliving what happened. You may have significant emotional events that do affect you and that’s absolutely true, but you don’t want to live there, you need to release that. Let that go to move forward.

Secondly, get clarity. People go, “I want to earn a million dollars.”  Well, what does that mean? Where do you want to live? Where do you want to send your children to school? Where do you want a holiday or travel to? How does your business look like? Do you have employees or do you have everything outsourced? Really chunk down in that clarity of your compelling future. The more detail you get the more likely you will achieve it.

Thirdly, take action. What’s the first five steps you need to do to move towards your compelling future? And then start ticking the boxes and then what’s the next five things and what’s the next five things. Don’t think about the whole big picture all of the time. Chunk down into taking daily actions.

If you feel that you are living in the past and you’re hanging on to a lot of negative emotions and limiting beliefs or you really can’t get the clarity you can’t really see a future for yourself, reach out to me.

Find out more about my Breakthrough Sessions, where I help people every day move forward and achieve their compelling future. I would love to help you do that as well. 

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