Do you have a guarantee for your services or your program within your business? Every business should have a massive guarantee based around the deliverables that you are giving your clients.

Your clients love a guarantee because it makes them feel safe that if you don’t deliver, then they have some protection. Because a lot of clients coming into your business will actually want to feel safe. They have some fears. A lot of times they are giving you a lot of money, tens of thousands of dollars initially, and they want to have that certainty of security.

Have a Guarantee.

When you’re building your business, think about your guarantee. What do you offer to your clients? Don’t make it a money-back guarantee. That is so boring. People don’t believe it or you’ll come and do it again for free. If you did it shit the first time, you’ll do it shit the second time. They don’t want you coming back. You must have a guarantee within your product or your business.

Make It a Big Clause in the Guarantee.

Have a point in your guarantee that is far beyond their expectations. For example, if you own an air conditioner cleaning company, your first point of guarantee is about turning up on time. If your staffs are more than five minutes late, you will not only not charge you for the clean, but you will also pay for a competitor to come and clean it for them. Not that you will just do it for free or that you will do it again. If it’s not the cleanest you’ve seen in your air conditioner, you will pay your competitor to come and do it for free.

Make It Massive.  

Have a massive guarantee. If you do a shit job, you’ll give them a refund. That’s not enough for consumers or clients these days. Have it nine points or seven points. Not just one little guarantee saying, “If we don’t do it correctly, you’ll get it for free.” That’s not enough. Most people don’t read the nine points but just feeling the security of having those nine points allows them to say yes into your program, service, or product.

Make sure you could guarantee in your service or your program.