Do you think you can, think you can’t? 

Know you can, know you can’t? 

Have it all in control, out of control? 

There’s up and down of conflict, within yourself, not with others, but actually with yourself. If you’ve got this juggle, that one day you think you’re an amazing business person, and the next day you think you’re not. One day you might feel like you’re very successful, and the other day you think you’re not. 

Why this happens? Sometimes, this may be, that you have a conflict between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind. Your unconscious mind believes one thing but consciously, you believe something else. You can chant all day saying, “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy”. But, your unconscious mind’s gone, “We’re not happy.” Then you’ll have this conflict. 

First, let’s realise that you have a conflict. Step two is to acknowledge that the unconscious mind always wins. It doesn’t matter telling yourself that you’re happy. You can tell yourself you’re happy all day long. It’s not going to make you happy if you have this conflict. The unconscious mind is always going to win.  

What we need to do is step three, change the unconscious mind. A lot of times, I see people working on their conscious mind – 

they’re reading affirmations; they’re chanting away. That is not making a quick undeniable change. 

How Do You Change Your Unconscious Mind? 

There’s a number of ways…

ü You can see me about doing a breakthrough session

ü We can get rid of those limiting beliefs or negative emotions. 

ü You can acknowledge that you have this belief that’s no longer serving you well, and you change that belief. 

You can change it yourself. It’s just that a lot of people prefer to find somebody that will help them. Find somebody who has expertise in Timeline Therapy or Hypnosis or some other modality that will instantly change that for you. If you need help, reach out to me. There’s loads of places where you can find me.

Reach out and get help, allowing you to move forward and stop swaying in this conflict every other day.

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