Do you know what you want? A lot of people never run out of things to want. Every day they come up with goals, whether it’s in their life or in business. So many of them come to me and say they know what they want but they’re not exactly clear about it. There was this one person who said he wanted to have a million dollars. If you come to think of it, wanting a million dollars is actually pretty vague. Do you want to have a million dollars in the bank? Do you want to earn it in a year? Do you want to have a one million dollar profit or is it gross income? When I started asking these questions it became obvious that this person’s ‘goal’ needed to be narrowed down.

Based on experience, you are not going to get a million dollars if you’re not clear, which brings me to my first point, get clarity around what you really want. If it’s a million dollars in the bank, perfect, now you know what you should be focusing on.

The second thing you need to do is to write it down. You may not realise it but writing something down can be very powerful whether it’s in picture form or in written form or some graphic or photo that represents your one million dollar goal in the bank.

The last thing you need to do is to execute. You can be very clear that you want to have a million dollars in the bank; you can even write it down and have the visuals to remind you about that goal but if you’re not going to do anything about it, all your efforts will be for nothing. In order to achieve that one million dollar mark you have got to change your behaviours. Start by asking yourself what you can do today to get that one million dollars in your bank account and start from there. It doesn’t have to be a lump sum; it could be over a period of twelve months but whatever time frame you have in mind, the important thing is you do something about it. Take action and do what needs to be done for you to achieve your goal.

This does not only apply to money, it can apply to anything including time with your family. How much time do you want to spend each week? Get clarity around that, write it down and make it happen by executing it.

These are my three points for today about knowing what you want and how to make it happen.

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