As a coach, people expect you to be self-sustaining. They think you can handle things on your own and that any form of outside help is no longer necessary. As a coach, you’ll be surprised to know that these assumptions are all wrong. Even though coaching people is my job, I too, receive my fair share of coaching from a master coach.


It is my belief that everyone, myself included, should always make room for improvement because that’s how you’ll reach your highest potential. Just because I have already established my name in this industry doesn’t mean I know everything and it also doesn’t mean I don’t need to improve myself.


Coaching is a challenging job since you are dealing with different individuals with different personality types. You cannot coach effectively unless you establish a connection and trust between you and your coachee. Sometimes the strategies we apply on a certain client aren’t effective on the next. And if you are not delivering the outcomes your clients are hoping to achieve, it could hurt your business and there’s a big chance that it will take a toll on your self-esteem as a coach. If you want to help your clients achieve success in both their lives and in their businesses, you need to acknowledge the fact that you also need coaching to help make this happen.


So if you are wondering if a coach needs to be coached, my answer is YES and now to answer why.


Firstly, we all deserve someone who will listen to us. A great coach has exceptional active listening skills. In my line of work, I listen to my clients and understand how they feel. Being a listener is great but sometimes you also need someone to listen to you, particularly someone better. Having a master coach listen to me is a wonderful experience especially knowing that their purpose is to truly listen to what I have to say and what my thoughts are. I can sort out my thoughts effectively when I know someone is listening to me, someone with compassion.


Secondly, there’s always something new to learn. When I am being coached, I get refreshed and revitalized. I learn new strategies and new techniques I’ve never known before. After a coaching session, I always walk away with new learnings.


Coaches are also a work in progress. No matter how far you’ve gone in your career, you can always improve yourself.


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