Have you ever contemplated whether or not you should tell it like it is? Most of the time, people hold back because they are not ready for a negative reaction and they don’t want to appear mean but sometimes, you really need to say it like it is, regardless of their reaction, simply because it is your job to do it.

One of the reasons why I strive to be as straightforward as possible, especially to my coaching clients, is because I want to help transform people’s lives. I want them to experience a better life and a much better and flourishing business. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy and that is why it is important you understand that telling it like it is does not make you a mean person at all. You need to know this so you won’t be tempted to hold back. If in your heart you feel that you need to say what you just said then it’s really something that needed to be said. Don’t feel bad about it.

As a business coach, it is my responsibility to help people and I do that by giving advice and constructive criticism. I have said a lot of things to my clients because I feel that they needed to hear it from me, their mentor. And many times I’ve been coined ‘mean’ because I choose to say it like it is. But it doesn’t bother me because I know that it is my duty, as their coach, to say it to them. You see, in my industry, people pay to consult with me and so I do not hold back. The words I say to them are carefully studied with the aim of transforming their lives. Just this week I said it like it is to two different clients and I got two very different reactions.

Firstly, I got a positive reaction when I was speaking with a gentleman and I told him that he needed to step up in a lot of areas in his life. He needed to step up as a father and as a business owner. He needed to make some major decisions around what he was going to do with his life and his business. The reaction was positive because, despite the fact that my words probably bruised his ego, he took it on board and he really made some radical changes. And you know what? He reaped positive results and he was able to see the change he was hoping for.

In that same week, I had a hook up with another couple; I told them like it is and I didn’t hold back. I was hoping to get a positive reaction but this time I got the opposite. They didn’t take it on board, they didn’t look within themselves and ask how they can change their circumstances and make it better. I wanted them to understand that there are outside factors they don’t have control over and the one thing they do have control over is themselves so you need to look within yourself and change yourself first.

When I talk to my clients I always tell them that when crap happens, avoid finger pointing and instead look within and ask yourself, “Did I manage well enough? Did I look after my team? Did I look after my clients? What can I do to improve myself?”

If you are a coach or if you are in the service industry where it is your job to offer advice, say it like it is because your authenticity is what will impact their lives the most. Be true to yourself because you will help many people. Don’t worry about the people who will have a negative reaction to what you have to say; these people are not ready to hear it and they are not ready to receive support from you. Instead of feeling bad, just support those who are positive and who are willing to make changes in their lives. Continue to stay true to yourself and keep telling it like it is regardless of how people respond or react to you.
So that’s my answer to this question, telling it like it is does not make you a mean person at all.

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