A lot of speakers from the stage are being very pushy and very salesy, but there are areas to back off that and not be too in your face when you’re selling.

Stop Being Pushy

If you’re needing to push, push, push, then it may not be the right audience for you. It may not be the right potential client for you. They may not want your product or service. They may need it, but they need to want it to be able to take action. 

The first thing you need to do is tell you why. Why are you doing this? Why are you selling this product or service? Why are you passionate about this program? 

People understand your story around the why because they get the what. A lot of times they will know what the what is, what your product is, but they want to know your why. Why are you passionate about that? 

Share Your Story

How did you come about this product? How did you learn this service or modality? Share your story or journey from where you were to where you are now, so they understand that you have empathy and knowledge about what they’re going through, particularly if it’s a pain point from them that you’ve experienced this pain and you’ve come out the other side, because the solution is your product or service.

It’s Time to Change!

Stop selling, start telling and really share your why and your story with your audiences. That’s your sell. People will connect with you, they’ll relate to you, and they’ll just say yes before you even tell them how much the product is, and then you won’t have to have that awful, uncomfortable, awkward conversations trying to be a salesperson when you don’t need to be.

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