You don’t become the best athlete unless an efficient coach trains you. In the same manner, you can’t become a competent business professional unless you are being mentored and coached the right way. Coaching helps improve your business’ overall performance, which explains why business people, despite their success, always have a coach to guide them.


There are different approaches to coaching. It’s safe to say coaching is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Knowing and understanding the various coaching styles is essential so you will know what style will work best for you. Just because you found a coach doesn’t mean you can already see results. Remember that there are thousands of them out there. Finding a coach is not going to be a problem, the real challenge lies in your ability to find the one who you can efficiently work with, someone who can positively impact your life and grow your business.


The following are the three different coaching styles you need to be familiar of.


  1. The Definitive Coach


A definitive coach is someone who likes to take control, with their commanding personality type; they are able to produce strong and natural leaders. They are very competitive and their main focus is getting results. They are also great at setting goals. The downside to this type of coaching is that even though they set clear goals and offer ways to make you more efficient in your performance, they don’t always supply enough pieces of information on how to achieve those outcomes.  This type of coaching benefits individuals who are used to autonomy but is not effective for those who need more direction.


  1. The Collaborative Coach


A collaborative coach has an exceptional skill in listening and they spend a lot of time helping you develop your best potential. They speak less but listen more. They encourage you to come up with your own solutions rather than tell you what to do. This type of coaching style helps build your self-confidence. This type of coaching permits you to make mistakes so you can learn and challenges you to take risks.


  1. The Persuader Coach


The persuader coach is brimming with creative ideas and is generous to share them. They are always there to help you come up with a solution. They drive you to think outside the box. They favour innovative thinking. With their creative style of addressing problems, working with them can be fun. But even though they are fun, they can also give you more than you can sufficiently manage and this can be counter-productive and can lead you to feel frustrated.


Every coaching style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages but this does not mean one style is more effective than the other. In fact, there are coaches who use a combination of coaching styles to make efficient progress. You see, every business is different and every businessperson has a unique character, style and skill. Business professionals who are interested in engaging a coach should be familiar with the different coach styles so they can get the best possible results.

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