Has anyone ever suggested something to you? Something that you know you could have done or should have done but you weren’t able to because you have never thought about it. Has anyone ever said to you before, “Have you ever considered this?” What is ‘this’? You see, when you’ve been running a business for a long time you will get accustomed to the routine, the day-to-day running of your business. This is usually the case when your products are selling like hotcakes and your sales are going through the roof. It’s good to have a lot on your plate because it means your business is doing well but the downside is that you will no longer have the time and the energy to think about doing something different. In any business, you should always make room for improvements.

Has there ever been someone out of left field, someone who is not even a part of your industry who suggested you do something different? And if you haven’t thought about it before, they would ask you “why not?” The typical response of business owners is they would say they haven’t thought about it before. This is what I want to talk about because in life and in business, you need to be considering NEW things as you go along.

It’s good to have a system and a process that you’ve established way back but what’s not good is if it stays that way for the next ten to twenty years. When you don’t incorporate innovative techniques and if you don’t get rid of obsolete strategies, your business could get into trouble. So change your business up. Change yourself up and say, “I’ve never considered doing that before but maybe I should.”

Your strive for improvement should be never ending. Once you achieve the goals you’ve set ten years ago, you don’t stop. You shouldn’t stop because it doesn’t end there. You continue to create new ones and when those have been accomplished, you move forward and make new goals again. It’s a cycle that makes life exciting and worth living for. It’s a cycle that brings you a sense of purpose. What my partner, John and I do is, we get together for three days. We lock ourselves away and we plan our year across all our businesses. We talk about what we need to focus on, what expenditures we need, what team members we need and so on. From business to personal stuff, we talk about it, away from the distraction of the company.

So I’m encouraging you to sit down and spend a day or two or you could even make it a week if you want, to think about your business and to consider all possible options to improve it because I am telling you right now, the things that you have never considered are the things that are going to take you and your business to the next level. You may not find clarity when you’re busy at work. You have got to detach yourself from the business and look within and go, “What haven’t I considered and what do I need to consider over the next year.”

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