There are many reasons why we want more clients. Usually, it comes to money and then what does that money get for us? It might be a holiday; a new home; kids schooling and so forth, but let’s focus on how do you get more clients.

Firstly, change your thoughts.  

If you’re walking around going, “It’s hard to find clients.” “No one wants to pay the money.” “No one has any money.” “The world’s in a bad place.” “The government’s all over the place.” That’s not helping your situation.

Change your thoughts in a way that you are only focused on what you want, not what you don’t want. Let’s focus on those clients coming to you easily; that people have plenty of money; they do have disposable income; they do require your services and it is important to them. Think about all of the positive things that will attract people to you.

Secondly, you need to talk to people.

A lot of coaches in business who are sitting at home waiting for some miracle to happen, like a truckload of clients that are going to be dropped on their lap. They haven’t told anybody what they do. They haven’t informed them about their events. They haven’t even shared out or promoted their modalities if they’re a Hypnotherapist or a Timeline Therapist. If nobody knows you or what you do, then you will less likely to attract clients.

Thirdly, people do not follow up leads.

They get a referral;  they get someone inquiring and then they don’t call them back or they just send an email and then expect them to reply, and they go “They didn’t reply.” “The email may have went to heaven.” “The email could be in their spam or junk folder.”

You don’t know. Try another way of contacting whether it be so through social media or through phone if you have those details rather than email. Some people will respond through different outlets a lot quicker than others.

Here are the three things that you need to focus on to get more clients.

  1. Change up your thoughts.

Make sure that you are attracting what you want.

Focus on the things that you do want; not the things that you don’t want.

  1. Talk to loads of people.

Tell everybody what you’re doing; tell everybody about how you help others or what’s your expertise and experience.

  1. Follow up on all those leads.

If someone mentions a name to you or someone introduces you to, make sure you do follow them up, not just send an email and then go, “Well they didn’t reply.”


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