“Stay uncomfortable” because once you become comfortable, you’re not moving forward.

Change Is Inevitable 

Change is our only constant in our life. First, let’s just acknowledge that there is always going to be change, and we have to accept that that’s a part of our life. Not everything stays the same.

Adapt and Be Resourceful

The second thing, when you see change happening around you or to you – in your life, in your business, really reassure yourself that you can be adaptable; that you can change; that you are able to easily change rather than pushing back on it and being negative towards it.

Accept it, embrace it, and know that you’re moving towards bigger and better things. Be resourceful. Know that you have all the resources around you to be able to change. It might be new software; it might be that your coach is helping you through this; it might be your previous experiences ; it might be that you know within you’re allowing this change to come about and be positive about it

Question Everything

The third thing is, question everything around you all of the time. Why are you doing the same thing you did last year, five years ago, or 20 years ago? Because if you are, then you’re not moving forward.

Question everything that is the same in your life. If this is the same, is this the same belief that I have? Or the same negative emotion that may have served me well previously but no longer serves me well now? And see how you can change it and be a little bit more proactive rather than reactive.

I’m always looking at things that I do – my events, my trainings. I’m always looking to improve it, to change it, to adapt it to the new environment we’re in, and I’d like to think that I’m proactive about that, rather than reacting to the change after it’s happened.

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