There are things that we need to do in our life, in our business that are really scary, and there are some ways to make sure that you do things that may be a bit scary because we don’t want to hold ourselves back with fear and not allowing ourselves to move forward and achieve great things.

Acknowledge What’s Scaring You

This is really scary, and I have these feelings, whatever they are for you, but just really acknowledge it at first, and accept it, and see it as a positive that you’re aware of this feeling that could be overwhelming you right at that moment.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

When we do that, it settles us being scary because when we’re scared, we hang on and try to protect ourselves. Open yourself up and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow the possibility of failure. Allow the possibility of not feeling comfortable. Allow all of the possibilities whatever the outcome.

Know That You Know

Know that you know what to do. Know that you know it will be okay. Know that you know you’ll be safe. Know that you know that you will succeed. Be absolutely sure within yourself that you do know, and when you attach that to what you’re about to do, you know in your all of your being everything will be okay. Whether you fail or whether you are very successful, everything will be okay.

When you’re faced with something that’s a little bit scary, this is what you need to do:

✓ Acknowledge that you are scared.

✓ Two, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and

✓ Three, know that everything is going to be okay.

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