If your clients are successful, you’re successful right? Particularly in coaching, or in other businesses, and in management. How they’re lacking in some of the areas. We talk about lack of, but also how you can improve on these areas of success for your clients.

  1. Focus on the root cause

Don’t just deal with the presenting problem. People come and ask for a marketing plan. It is never the marketing plan. It is always mostly about their thought patterns or their limiting beliefs or their negative emotions. Once you can release that, then their businesses flourish or their lives flourish or their relationships flourish, whatever their challenge is.

A lot of times, people will come to you as a coach and ask you for a marketing plan, and you delve straight into the marketing plan, and you can give them the best marketing plan ever and it still doesn’t work. So, focus on the root cause of your client.

  1. Work holistically with them

When a client comes to you for a business challenge, always look at all areas of their life. What are their relationships like? What is their personal life like with their significant partner, with their children, with their parents, or with colleagues? We check in on all areas and make sure that we are working in a holistic way rather than just focusing on one problem. If we work in a holistic way, the bottom line always looks great.

  1. Give them longer support.

We’re used to as human beings being supported in many different ways. When we’re talking about coaching, people are looking now for even longer support.

You don’t want to go and get a diet plan and then go home and be just left to your own devices. You’re still going to eat the chocolate. What you want to do on a diet plan or on our eating plan is that you want to have that support and check in over a longer period of time. That’s what coaching is about as well.

When you’re designing your coaching package and building that out, make sure that it is over a longer term, giving those clients massive support.

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