If you are a speaker, you need to look after your growth, including how to increase your income. However, when you are starting to grow there may be confusion because there are a lot of variances in the industry about what you should and shouldn’t do.

Here are three types of speaking opportunities.

  1. You May Speak Without Selling. There is always the opportunity to go and speak and not sell. Some promoters and event coordinators will come to you and invite you to talk, but there is no opportunity to sell. That’s when you charge full rate, so you have your speaker rate for 90 minutes or 60 minutes or 30 minutes. That’s when you charge; when there is no opportunity to sell.
  2. You May Speak With a Sell. Sometimes you’ll get event coordinators and promoters come to you and invite you to come and speak for them for a 90-minute presentation, but you have the opportunity to sell from the stage.
    There are a lot of times when a speaker doesn’t charge to speak from the stage because they have the opportunity to sell. In this situation, you may include that you can come to the event and will speak at no charge with the opportunity to sell, knowing that you will sell a product from the stage that will far outweigh the actual fee that you would have got if you just did a 90-minute presentation.
  3. You May Speak For a Charity or Community Organisation. You may do this as a part of your giving back to the community as a free presentation. You can decide on having specific charities that you support, and if they want you to come and speak or run workshops, in whatever capacity, you can always go and do that as your gift to them.

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