Age is just a number and it does not have the power to dictate what you can and can’t do. If you are concerned that you’re too old or too young to be coaching others, you’re only wasting your time because there is no truth to this. At any age, you are capable of becoming an amazing coach as long as you have the dedication and the passion to help others.

I understand that coaches and even aspiring coaches are reluctant to market themselves. They fear that their age would discredit their capabilities as a coach. When you’re too young, people see you as unfit and inexperienced to teach those who are older than you. Meanwhile, if you’re too old, you are nervous people might see you as outdated and irrelevant.

More often than not, it’s your fear and the little voices in your head that are holding you back from pursuing your destiny. Here are some reasons why you should not let your age hinder you from being a great coach.

Firstly, age is just a measurement. The years you’ve lived has no bearing on the kind of career you choose. Take into account your experiences, your passion and your commitment to help others. These are the factors that matter the most. So if you use your age to determine whether not you’d make a great coach, you are wrong.

Secondly, coaches come in all shapes, sizes and ages. If you attend coaching conventions and seminars you will understand. Once you join these events you’ll see both young and old share the same zeal and keenness to learn how to improve their performance as a coach. And you’ll be surprised at how talented, skilled and knowledgeable these people are.

So to answer the question, are you too old or too young to become a coach? The obvious answer is no. Your age does not define whom you choose to become and what you choose to do with your life.

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