You are so busy with your business. So much so that it seems you don’t have enough time for anything else. It seems you don’t even have enough time for your family, friends, or personal activities. To put it in a nutshell, it seems you don’t have a life outside of your business.

You strive to grow your business not just because it’s your passion, but because you’re doing something you love. It’s also so that you can bring in the $$$ and live a financially-rewarding life. A life where you can afford to send your kids to the best schools, holiday to places where you or your family want to go, or enjoy the finer things — it’s living the life of your dreams. Or are you?

When you are so busy that you don’t have enough time for anything or anyone else, how else can you enjoy the financial rewards of your business? It’s important to know how to take care of yourself, your family, and those people around you for your long-term emotional and physical well-being.

Is business-life balance important?

Finding the right balance between your business and your life is essential for maintaining your health as well as your relationships.

In our technology-driven and social media-driven world, it’s getting easier to get access to business-related tasks or get connected with others from anywhere and at any time. It’s become the norm for you to check emails, take business calls during family meals, have a quick video chat with clients or colleagues, or finish your work after hours. While this may seem to reduce your workload, this may put a damper on your family or personal life. It will become more difficult to put a dividing line between your business and your personal life.

Just like most entrepreneurs, keeping a balance between your business and life may be your major struggle. It’s never easy to achieve business-life balance, that art of juggling business and other aspects of life — family, friends, and personal life.

Tips in juggling between your business and life

As country music legend Dolly Parton puts it, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”.

Striking a business-life balance is never easy. So, here are some tips to achieve that right balance…

Set your priorities

Get your priorities straight. Make a list that reflects your priorities — from the most to the least important. From the list, you can then make some changes or trim your schedule. For instance, if you’re used to bringing unfinished work home, then you can change that. You can make sure that all your important business tasks for the day are done and you’ve scheduled your other tasks for the next day.This way, you can leave your office on time and you can spend quality time with important people in your life or on your personal activities.

Set a technology-free time

Technology has made life easier for everyone. It has made everything or anyone accessible — getting emails, getting business calls, to name a few — making your business “work day” seems endless.

It’s so easy to get caught up in it all. Before you get so overworked and overstressed, make sure that you set a few hours, or even a day, for a technology-free time. Turn off your mobile devices and spend some quality time with people or activities that matter to you. Or you can just take that day to recharge and destress yourself.

Set time for self-care

Exercise. Meditate. Go to a spa. Have a good massage.

Activities such as these are great stress reliever. These activities not only clear or de-stress your mind and body, but also help you stay mentally-focused and physically-ready to face the challenges ahead in your business and in your life.

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