Have you ever wondered if great public speakers are made or if they’re just born that way? While some speakers are innately good at public speaking, it’s no doubt that the majority of the speakers were trained to be who they are today.

An effective communicator not only knows how to speak well but also knows how to perform in front of an audience. The more you truly engage with your listeners rather than staying confined in the comforts of your prepared content, the higher the chances of success. With that said, here are three ways for you to become an effective communicator.

  1. Focus On The Audience

A great speaker knows that the audience is the focus of the presentation – not themselves. If you’re constantly plagued with pre-speech anxiety, knowing that you are not the focus of the whole presentation lifts the burden off your shoulders. Instead, concentrate on getting the right message across and how it should change the lives of your listeners.

  1. Know The Purpose of Your Presentation

Most speakers have the tendency to confuse the topic with purpose. When asked about the purpose of their presentation, speakers tend to state the title of their speech or what they’re going to talk about. Some of them don’t really think about the purpose. But knowing why you’re giving a speech is a different story.

When people listen to you, they hope to gain something out of it. And this is what you, as a speaker, must try to uncover and ask yourself, “What should my listeners gain from this?” Knowing the purpose of your presentation helps you collect the right information for your audience.

  1. Bring Life to Your Vocal Delivery

Aside from your brain, your voice is an effective speaking tool that can make or break your presentation. Think about it, if you speak monotonously throughout the whole delivery, there’s a huge chance your audience will doze off even before you finish the introduction.

Which is why it is important to incorporate intonation, coloration, and effects into your speech. It is used to spark your audience’s interest, making them feel astonished, amazed, happy, or whatever you want them to feel on the course of your presentation. Voice dynamics will certainly help you become a more exciting speaker that people will listen to.

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