What is you – Truly You? We talk about what we are quite often, and we say what we do and how we help people, but what are we truly deep down inside? What do we stand for? What do we believe in? What are our values? 

Work Out What That Is. 

Have a really good think about it in that quiet time. What is our behavior around certain subjects, it’s a really important time to get in contact with yourself and really look within to see who you really are. That’s the first step because we can say we’re authentic, but if we don’t know who we truly are at that innermost level, then we may not be being authentic to ourselves.

Get Comfortable With That. 

“This is me!”

“This is how I am.” 

“This is what I believe in.”

“This is what I stand for.” 

“This is what I feel comfortable with.” 

“This is how I like to behave around certain situations and environments,” and really get comfortable with that.

Don’t worry about people having a different opinion, having a different belief to you, and not liking your belief. We’ve gotten scared about trolls on social media and negative people. Don’t worry about all of that. 

If you are truly authentic to yourself, you will attract your tribe. You’ll attract the clients to your business. You’ll attract the right friendships and alliances you may have in life and business.

Start Sharing, Start Talking About It.  

Start sharing that out to more and more people. You don’t have to open up the floodgates in one video and tell everybody everything about your life. But as you become more comfortable, start sharing those things out to the big wide world because people will resonate with you when you do that. 

They’ll understand you and they go, 

“Yeah that’s me!” 

“I feel like that.”

“That’s what I went through as well.” 

The more and more you get comfortable, keep sharing, sharing, sharing! Because there are people out there that really need to hear your story. They need to hear what you believe in. We underestimate very much so on how much we inspire other people. So if we share more about ourselves and our beliefs and what is true to us, then we will inspire others to take action, grow their businesses, grow themselves – whatever it is for you, live a healthier lifestyle.

That’s a good day if you’re inspiring other people to live in a more positive way. 

Unleash Your Potential 

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