“Am I capable of becoming a coach?” This is the question many aspiring coaches ask me a lot. Let me tell you a fact, anyone has the potential to become a coach. You see, coaching is a process that involves a series of verbal exchanges between the coach and the person(s) being coached with the aim of achieving the latter’s full potential. It may seem simple but really, it requires skill, patience, experience and knowledge to make you a full-fledged effective coach.


Basically, a coach’s job is to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. Sure, you can as easily give advice and tell people what to do to help bring them closer to their goal but this isn’t’ what effective coaching is about.


There are a lot of misconceptions that swirl around coaching. Many believe that a coach’s role is to advise and direct people what to do, just think of a basketball coach telling his athletes where to position themselves and when to shoot. In the business world, this type of coaching doesn’t make you an effective coach.


If you truly want to be an effective coach you should not tell people what to do but instead help them think for themselves. This is where strategies and techniques come into play. An effective coach takes advantage of powerful and thought-provoking questions that will compel the client to think. An effective coach uses active listening while raising awareness of the person being coached. In other words, effective coaching persuades people to think outside the box, helps them gain a new perspective about their situation and increases their awareness. Collectively all this will lead them to come up with new solutions that will enable them to achieve success.


Contrary to popular belief, coaches don’t give instant solutions; they listen, they use questions and they incite awareness so that the person they are helping would be able to make their own wise decisions. If you can do that or if you are already doing it then consider yourself an effective coach.


Effective coaching requires skills, skills that you can’t learn just by reading a book or watching a coaching video. You learn to become effective in your craft through practice, experience and under the guidance of a trained coach.


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