Stubbornly focused on your goals; on your achievements; on your growth; on your health and well-being; on your mindset.

There’s a number of ways that help you get stubbornly focused.

It’s not about just focus, it’s about stubbornly focused.


Identify any blocks that you have.

What’s holding you? Where are you procrastinating? What’s holding you back? What are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you feeling that may be a block in doing what you need to do? It might be a fear of success; it might be a fear of failure; it might be a fear of change.

What is that block that’s holding you back? You must first identify the obstacles and do some deep inner work to remove them.


 If you feel that every time you go to do some work or make some calls or do some follow-ups, what’s the habit around that?

Are you sitting there having a conversation with yourself saying: ”Should I supposed to have a big day?” “Should I just go home?” “Should I have some lunch outside?” “Should I call my friend to hangout? Don’t negotiate with yourself or set the time you’re going to call or follow up or do the job that you’re procrastinating on set the time and get doing it.


A lot of people will go, “I’ve got some blocks. I’ve released that. I’m changing up my habits.” But then not taking the action to move forward.

I personally use Hypnosis and I run my three-day Modern Hypnosis workshop. What we do at my Modern Hypnosis Workshop is we set goals in our future that we know will be absolutely true and absolutely happen out in the future because you can change your future by just using a simple technique that takes a minute.

I use it every day; every week. Once you learn, it is a tool that you can use for the rest of your life. I want you to think about what is going to happen for you in the future and set those goals in your timeline so you know that they’ll absolutely be true.

If you want to learn more about that and more about Hypnosis, releasing those blocks, and getting and setting your amazing future for yourself and others, come along to my three-day Modern Hypnosis Workshop.

It’s happening this year.

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