Do you want to know how do you become the authority, the expert, the person that people see you as having the most knowledge? A lot of people who are coaches have loads of knowledge, but nobody knows that they’re the authority on that subject.

Here are some pointers around becoming the authority.

  1. Believe that you are.

Sometimes people have an enormous amount of knowledge, but they think it’s common sense and don’t realize that others don’t know what they know, and how much they actually do know. They go, “Oh I thought everyone knew that.” Believe that you are the authority, so get that right for yourself in the beginning

  1. Act as if you are the authority.

Make sure you’re getting on podcasts, being interviewed, and submitting blogs around the subject that you’re passionate about.

  1. Get Third Party Recommendations.

You can go and tell a whole heap of people that you have this expertise, but they love to hear it from other people as well. So, the people who have worked with you previously or know of you, make sure that you do get those third- party recommendations.

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