How do you break through? We hear this cliché word a lot, but it’s about moving forward and with massive momentum. That’s how I see a breakthrough. Firstly, what I want to talk to you about is, you might have heard the saying, “Where you practice in private you’ll be rewarded in public.” That’s so true, because you see, in business, you do a lot of things behind the scenes that people don’t realise you do but they wonder why you’re being very successful in the public domain.

I believe this is totally true because the people who are successful or appear to be successful in that public place are doing a lot of what we call “practice in private.” There’s this time right now where you are in your private zone, you may be isolated in your home, you may be in lockdown in your town or country, or state, and this is the time when you need to be practicing in private.

There are three things that I’d really like you to have a look at while you have this time to be in that private space. Firstly, you have time to work on your business instead of being in it and if you’ve listened to any of my other videos, you’ll know that you have to spend time each week working on growing your business, designing your business model, making changes, pivoting and growing it in that regard. The first thing is, utilise this time to work on your business.

Secondly, work on yourself – if there are things personally that you’d really like to work on, now is the time to do it while you’re in private – if your diet or exercise is not quite right, you can do this from home. You don’t need the gyms to be open, you don’t need to go out and buy particular foods, you can modify this while you are in lockdown or isolation.

The third thing I’d like you to work on is your relationships because during this time, we’re not having that face-to-face contact, you may not be able to give someone a hug that you love very much. Work on those relationships, find ways to build that connection, that deeper connection with your friends and your colleagues, and your circle of influence.

I love technology, we get to use video, How to Break Through and all sorts of platforms that will allow you to connect with people, so while you’ve got this time when we talk about practicing in private and you’ll be rewarded in public, this is the time to do the private stuff.

Just to recap my three points; one, work ON your business – ON in capital letters, work ON yourself and work ON your relationships, and these will build massive momentum for when we come out of this, you will be so far in front. You’ll have lots of foundations already built for the amazing times to come.