When you are in business, credibility is paramount because that’s how you’ll be able to attract customers and increase your earning potential. Regardless if you’re just starting out or have been operating your business for years, here’s what you need to do to effectively build more credibility around what you are doing.

Firstly, change your status. Majority of consumers conduct online researches before they make an investment. It is important that you start your credibility on the simplest of things like changing your status. So go to your social media accounts and change your status on what you do. If you’re an author or a speaker or a coach, tell the world that’s what you are.

Secondly, tell as many people as you can what you’re doing. You have to tell people what you do otherwise, they wouldn’t know. They won’t see you as a coach, a speaker or an author unless you tell them. It’s not enough to tell them once; you need to keep on reminding them of who you are, what you do and how you can help better their lives. There are plenty of online and offline platforms you can use to share your products and services, take advantage of those.

Thirdly, act like you already are. If someone asks for speaking advice or coaching advice, go ahead and offer them your wisdom. Be confident with what you know and what you can offer them. When you’re just starting out and you want to be an amazing coach, you need to act and think like one. Ask yourself, what would an amazing coach be doing right now? Research, ask around and once you’ve got your answers, take action because when you start acting like an amazing coach or an amazing speaker, the rest will follow.

Building credibility doesn’t happen overnight but with these three steps, you are already fortifying the foundations of your business’ reputation.

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