There’s three things you should remember when you’re building your community.

  1. Be Authentic

That might seem a bit obvious, but sometimes when you get nervous or you’re worried about your message, sometimes you can change your behaviors where you’re not really sitting in your authenticity.

Make sure that you’re being true to yourself and not trying to be somebody that you’re not because when you’re sharing a video like this or doing some audio or a post, make sure it’s really coming from you, your heart, your beliefs, and your values.

  1. Allow Yourself to Be a Bit Vulnerable

You don’t need to be sitting in the corner in a fetal position, rocking and saying how bad your life is. But allow people to see that you do have challenges in your life just like they do; allow them to feel the story, or your progress, or your journey that you’re going through; and allow them to see the evolvement of your learnings.

  1. Share Your Learnings

As you learn new things, share them out with others. When people ask, “What will you be doing in five years’ time?” Share what you’ve already learned and that may be a myriad of things. As you learn new things and as you grow and as you develop, and as the world changes, you will be sharing your learnings out with others.

The Three Things to Build Your Community:

  • Be authentic, be true to yourself.
  • Allow the vulnerability to show through, and
  • Share your learnings.

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