If you are a coach then, you will have an amazing offer that you present out to other people and your prospective clients.

Here are few tips about this:

  1. design or have a suite of products that you can pull and interchange. Put in, put out, and create different offers for different environments at different events, different demographics, and different audiences. Have a suite of products that you can put in and put out when designing a package or an offer.
  2. ask your strategic alliances if you don’t have a lot of products or services yourself. You can rely on your strategic alliances to contribute to your offer. There may be someone that has a product or service that would add value to your audience and so you can add their product or service into your offer to give great value.
  3. When designing an offer, make it massive.

Give great value, give a lot of services and products in your offer that will change people’s lives. Don’t have one or two things and then reduce the price. Give a huge amount of different items in the offer so it will add value to them. They might not use all those products or services in your offer, but you won’t know what they want or don’t want at that time so make sure you have a large variety of service and products in your offer.

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