A lot of people design their lifestyle around their business, but how do they design their coaching business around their lifestyle?

Firstly, have fewer clients. 

It does not mean less money. It means fewer clients who pay you more money. That way, you’re not working 24/7, you just have one day of coaching and you’re earning double or triple or quad triple the amount of money.

Secondly, no face-to-face appointments at all, stay strictly online. 

You can do coaching sessions over the phone. Not necessarily video, so you can be anywhere in the world in any time zone, and be able to run a coaching session.

Thirdly, set your coaching days. 

You have appointments scattered all over the week. You’ll be disjointed in your ideal week.Make sure that you allocate a day. Fill a specific day with your coaching clients and if a client wants to coach in any other day it is a firm “NO”.

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