What are you offering out to your potential clients? There are few points you should know.

  1. know your products.

You may have one product or too many products and you know how they fit in together, how they flow for the client, where do they need to be in that flow of your products.You must know your products and your services and actually what they’re about. Know your product very very well.

  1. be clear on the problem that they solve.

Each product may solve a different product which collectively solves a bigger problem. Be clear on your problem solving. Be clear on the problem it solves.

  1. perfect your dialogue.

If you cannot explain to your prospective client what your product does or what problem it solves or what outcome they get, then it won’t be clear for them, and a confused buyer does not buy. Thirdly, perfect your dialogue so you can explain it clearly to others.