Do you want to earn $346,337 or more in a year?

There are some tips around getting started at earning six figures in your first year.

Firstly, think small.

That might sound a bit odd, but I want you to think small numbers, high price. A lot of people go for larger numbers with lower price and that creates a lot more work. “If you think about somebody paying you three thousand dollars, that’s one person, or you can get 10 people paying you three hundred dollars, you’ve got to find 10 people.” Go out and get smaller numbers of clients who pay you higher dollar value. Less work, less stress, more fun.

Secondly, Do groups.

A lot of coaches suggesting to people that groups are the only way to go. That is a very small part of your business, but once you get one-on-one potential clients who just don’t want to pay those large amounts then you can flow them into your groups which brings me to my next point.

Thirdly, Have products that flow through.

You don’t want to be a little disjointed. You want every product or service flowing through. So, clients can come in at any point and move to different services and products that you have.

You do not have to build anything. You will not be building an online program, you will not be building a website, and you will have more items in your bag with very low numbers to earn you $346,337 in year one if you join Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop.