You might be a little bit taken back by “How do you get $15,000 dollars”?

There are strategies to get $15,000 for your coaching package if you’ve never achieved this before.

  1. set a high value.

What is it worth to them? If you’re saying, “Pay $15,000 and I’ll meet up with you an hour a week.”  They’re going to calculate that into an hourly rate. If you’re charging an hourly rate, stop. It is about a package, and you need to change up your dialogues and set a higher value to your potential client. What are they going to value at $15,000 dollars?

  1. people will pay more for accessibility.

What access do they have to you as their coach? If they believe that they’re only going to meet up with you once every second week and they can’t talk to you between that time, then that will have a lower perceived value.

If you’re clear to them that you are going to contact them. That they can contact you. How do they communicate to you? How can they contact you? How much time can they spend with you during the coaching program? Set up very early on what is the access that they are going to get with you.

  1. follow my discovery session process.

What does this Discovery Session do? It sets up an open dialogue, so you get lots of information from your coaching client or perspective coaching client to set up your future coaching with them. It’s about asking great questions, not telling them how good you are. It’s about eliciting information so you know that your coaching package will suit them. At the end of that Discovery Session, they will say yes to your package for $15,000 or more.

It is a very strategic way and process, which I share at my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop. If you haven’t attended my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop, please click this link:

I’m going to share with you all the processes that I use in my coaching business and my SMJ Master Coaches use in their coaching business to get people paying $15,000, $30,000, and $60,000 for their coaching programs.