A lot of people say that they talk to people, they have Discovery calls, they have strategy sessions, and they have a very low ratio of people saying “YES” to their program.

Here are some pointers around that:

  1. Walk The Talk.

Make sure you’re living what you’re wanting to share or what you’re teaching and show the results that you’ve had. Share how you’ve gone through a struggle and searched and come out the other side. People want to know this really works. Of course, have third party testimonials but make sure you’re doing something that you’re recommending to your potential clients.

  1. be real.

Just settle in and be yourself. People will like you for you. If you’re trying to be too professional or to laid back or giving too much information or not enough information, just be yourself and then people will really connect with you. Just give the information and if they want to work with you and they feel that real connection with you, they will say yes.

  1. have a strategy.

Have a real strategy on how you’re going to help them. They want to know that they’re in pain and they’re going to get to pleasure by working with you. They’re going to get from A to B by working with you and let them know that you can help them along the way. You have the tools, the resources, the expertise that will help them get there and that will make them feel a lot calmer about doing business with you.