If you’re sitting in your coaching business and you are only earning five figures, it is not enoughh. It is easy to earn six figures in a coaching business. You should be able to do that straight off the bat in the first year.
How can you go from five to six figures?

Firstly, set the goal.

Don’t just say you want to earn more money, or you just want to earn a hundred thousand. Really get clear on what that figure is and get a very clear picture of that in your mind’s eye.

Secondly, set the structure.

What structure do you need to get to six figures? What things do you need in place? What systems? Like for example, do you need an ideal week? of course you do. Set an ideal week as your structure to get you from five to six figures because what you’re doing now at five figures is not what you’re going to be doing to get you to six figures. You may need an ideal week or other systems that will help you get there.

Thirdly, what resources do you need.

When I talk resources, that might be people.You may need to get some people on your team, doing admin, like a VA or some graphics or some IT, who you need around you to get to six figures. The best way to earn more money is to hire somebody because while they’re doing the things that aren’t income producing, you could go and do income producing activities that you will earn more money because you’ve got more time.

If you’re very laser focused on income earning and you’ll find that your income will jump dramatically if you have people around you helping you.