It’s been an exciting time. I’m happy to announce I have joined the international bestseller list for my first business self-help book just two weeks after its launch.


My labour of love, How to Grow Your Business Faster than your Competitor, was written after seeing firsthand the frustrations other businesses experienced trying to achieve growth.


My idea to write the book came from a desire to share the knowledge I had gathered after 20 years in business. Published by Melbourne based international publisher, Global Publishing Group, the book sold 5,000 copies prior to its first print run, gaining its international best seller status.


The book covers topics such as time and database management, relationships, working with new and current clients and self-promotion. I’m proud to say my own experiences in business have formed the basis of the book.


After being in business and studying human potential for over two decades the one thing that has become very clear is most people already know what to do to achieve results, they just don’t do it. 


High achievers in any field who have consultants, coaches or mentors always achieve more than those who don’t. They all have valuable guidance and direction, and more often than not it comes in the form of someone acting as a sounding board, and the book is designed to provide exactly the same role.


While I’m an advocate of formal education, there’s nothing like learning through your own experiences. I started working in real estate and quickly became a licensed agent, stock and station agent, business agent and auctioneer knowing the value of these qualifications.


However there’s nothing like doing it yourself, which led me to opening my first real estate office with Century 21, and its success allowed me to open my second office a year later where I was awarded the prestigious Centurion Award two years running, ranking me in the top two per cent of sales people worldwide.


It was the systems and processes that are so well defined in franchising that led me to apply what I learnt to a new business venture, which now has franchises all around the country.


I’m excited to share my knowledge with you, in what is a great real-life take on successful business experiences.


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