We don’t want to grow a business slow. So, let’s talk about FAST PACE here.

The first thing is don’t complicate something that isn’t COMPLICATED.

 People get in and want to start a coaching business and then they think they have to build an online program. It’s going to take them two years to build, and a lot of people take two years still building their online program and haven’t earned any money.

Get out and talk to people. Don’t complicate it. Just simplify what you’re doing and have a very simple business model. Don’t complicate it, don’t get bogged down in the detail around your niche, your logo, your website, your online program. They’re all-time consuming things that will not get you started quickly.

Secondly, focus on your coaching business.

Don’t focus on what people say to you that you should be doing or shouldn’t be doing. Just focus on getting coaching clients. What is it that’s going to get me to the goal? If you want three coaching clients, 30 coaching clients, focus on doing that and that’s where you spend your time, energy, and money. Focus on your coaching business. Keep laser focused on what you want to achieve.

Thirdly, offer Great Value to your clients.

Give them a great experience. Build your businesses on client experience,

Make sure that you give them great value with a great client experience.Add great value with a client experience second to none.

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