A lot of you are holding webinars and live in-person events now that we’re coming out of COVID, whether it’s virtual or in person. Here are some strategies around holding an amazing event.

  1. Preparation. 

Be prepared, spend a lot of time and energy in that lead up to the event because all of that preparation will ensure that your event will run very successfully. Have tick sheets and systems and the like so you can duplicate it in the future but run through it and not have to worry about anything getting missed.

  1. Create an amazing experience for your attendees.

Make sure you communicate well with them. Have little gifts, add some value prior to the event if you wish but give them an experience that they’re not used to going to other people’s events.

  1. Have an amazing offer at the event.

If they come along and they attend a great event and they have a great experience, then they will want to work with you further.Make sure that your offer is simply Irresistible for them are at the time.