No one wants to engage in difficult conversations as this can cause or incite fear, tension and anxiety in both parties. However, sometimes in life and in business, you are left with no other choice but to confront and talk to those involved, otherwise the problem will not be solved. If you think for one minute that dismissing it today will make it all okay tomorrow, you are wrong.

Examples of difficult conversations include delivering bad news, talking about a sensitive subject, or talking about something that needs to be changed or perhaps something that has gone wrong. Regardless of the reason, I believe that one of the secrets to a successful life and business is your ability to handle difficult conversations. And yes, it’s not easy but I’ve found three tips that can help having difficult conversations a lot easier for you.

Firstly, you need to act quickly. As soon as you sense that something is wrong, act immediately. Of course, you don’t have to be rash and confront that person right away. You need to think about what you are going to say and be careful about how you deliver it, such as your choice of words and the tone of your voice so as not to rub salt into the wound. The point of acting quickly is that it can get worse over time, so don’t delay and act right away.

Secondly, be specific. When you are discussing a problem, stick to the problem and stick to the facts. Don’t talk about other things and other people; talk only about the issue to the person involved. Don’t go into other details that won’t help the situation. Be direct and be specific.

Thirdly, give them the chance to respond. Remember that this is a conversation. It is a two-way communication line where two people exchange ideas. When you are done sharing your part, ask them for feedback. Give them time to process what you’ve said. They don’t have to respond right away you can give them a day or two to think about what has transpired and then get back to them to ask for their thoughts.

So these are the three things that I wanted to share with you about how to have difficult conversations.

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