Sometimes you don’t know they block but you know that there is something holding us back.

Firstly, acknowledge it.

Acknowledge that something is holding you back because it may feel stuck, you’re not moving forward, you’re not earning the income that you want to earn, you’re not getting the clients that you want to attract. So firstly, acknowledge that there is something holding you back.

Secondly, look for the pattern or the strategy that you have.

Is it procrastination? What do you do to deflect? What are you doing when it comes to making calls? What are your actions around asking for the business? Look out for your pattern and strategy that is a part of what’s holding you back.

Thirdly, JUST simply change it up.

If you continually don’t make the calls and sit there and do everything else like your social media, your emails, then set a strategy, a process, a pattern leading up to that call. It might be getting into state, going over the dialogue in your head. Set a different pattern.

If it’s around not asking for the business, set up a different dialogue, how can you say things differently to that prospective client when you’re standing in front of them.