A lot of people say to me they have lots of speaking opportunities, do a lot of speaking, but don’t get the outcomes they need of people buying a service or a product or wanting to do further work with them. I want to share to you about how you position people into buying mode as a speaker.

There are four questions that your offer must answer: why you, why them, why this, and why now?

Firstly, you need to cover off on why you? Why should they be listening to you? Why should they believe what you have to say? Why should they take notice of you? The second thing you need to cover off on is why them? Why would your product or service affect them? Why is it important to them? Because they may be hearing your message for the very first time and asking “Why me? Why do I need that?” Why this product? Why this service?

Thirdly, you need to make them understand whatever you’re offering. Why this package? Why this retreat? Why this video? Why this online program? Why this? Why is this different to anything else they’ve seen in the marketplace? Why is this different from what other people are offering?

The fourth thing is why now? I’m sure, if you’ve been in any form of selling, you’ll hear people say, “I’ll do it next year. I’ll do it after financial year. I’ll do it after Christmas. I’ll do it after my birthday. I’ll do it after, after, after,” and the reason that they’re saying that is because you haven’t covered off on the “why now?”

You really need to think about why these people need to do it now and not next year. There are my four areas of how to position your audience to buy from you. If you cover off on those four areas in your presentation, they will take action, buy from you, and work with you in the future.