Coaches often think they have to go out and fix problems for their clients, and it’s not always that way. Most of the clients who come to me, especially those in business, ask for a marketing plan. It’s never just about the marketing plan because they believe it will fix all of their problems.

Work with people on marketing plans, but address the root cause of what is causing all these problems. Even if you had a great marketing plan and gave it to 10 different people, they would get 10 different results because of what’s going on in their own minds.

Some people believe it’ll work, some believe they can, and others believe they can’t and will never make it. So what you should do is work with your clients at the root cause. When a client comes to you wanting you to fix their problem is not to do that. Ask better questions of your client and find the root cause. Once you find that and work on it with them, all will be good in their world. 

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