Creating blog posts is an effective way to market your coaching business as it provides your clients fresh and new content that will draw them in. When you regularly post interesting blogs, it will give your clients a reason to visit it time and time again because they will look forward to what you have in store for them next.


Blogging is also inexpensive; in fact there are even free blogging platforms that you can use to promote your business. It’s also very easy to use. All you need to do is copy, paste, upload, drag and drop and in a matter of seconds, you can already set up your post to live. Majority of blogging platforms are very user-friendly and what’s amazing about these free platforms is that they offer themes that will make your blog site look professional and credible.


Furthermore, you can apply SEO strategies to your content to improve your search engine ranking. The higher you rank in Google, the more people will find you. It’s also a convenient way to connect with your audience. In your blog site, you can have the option to include sections where visitors and readers can leave comments on your posts. Blogging is a great way to increase you readership and promote your business. It’s cost-effective, fun and convenient. If you are planning to start a blog about your coaching business, you can start with these blog post ideas.


  1. List down the three most commonly asked questions about coaching and write a blog post for each question with brief and direct-to-the-point answers.
  2. Write about the pains of your target market and offer solutions on how to address these pains.
  3. Write about the results your clients want to achieve. For example: 3 Effective Steps To Attract More Customers To Your Business
  4. Find an article that you recently read and create your own response to it.
  5. List down effective tools that you use in your coaching business and explain why your clients need to use them too.
  6. Create your own inspirational story on how you got yourself a coaching career.


Coaching is a business and it should be treated like one. If you want to make it grow, you need effective marketing strategies because no matter how good of a coach you are, if you don’t market your business, you won’t be coaching anyone any time soon.


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