Do you have an aversion to selling? If the answer is yes, that’s okay. There are a lot of business owners who, just like you, can’t stand selling. Perhaps you’ve had some negative experience with hard selling in the past where salespeople would force you to buy something you clearly don’t need.

Selling, although considered a way of promoting your business, does not always work. In some cases, selling is not that effective at all. While it’s true that generating sales is essential, it doesn’t mean the only way to get sales is through hard selling. There are other clever and ingenious ways to attract clients and convince them to voluntarily do business with you.

Firstly, have genuine conversations. Do you know why potential clients dislike being sold to? It’s because they do not see the genuineness of the seller. It’s not even a conversation because if you think about it, selling sounds like a monologue where the seller just says, “buy my product” or “buy my service” or “you need me” and that’s when clients pull back because they know that you don’t really want to help them, you just want to help you. Having a genuine conversation means you are interested in the client, you want to know what their pain or their problem is and you want to help them. It’s that care factor you have around them that makes them want to consider you. If a client sees that you can’t help them, they won’t buy from you.

Secondly, listen to the client. Listen to yourself. If all you are hearing is “I can do this” or “I can do that”, “I can fix this” and “I can fix that” without truly listening to the needs of your clients, then no matter how persuasive your speech is, it’s not going to work, especially if they find that they have no need for your product or service. You can go, “Buy this” but in their mind they’ll think “but I don’t need that”. Listening to them will help you understand what they need and it’s also a way for you to gauge whether you can help them or not.

Thirdly, allow your potential clients to sell themselves into your product or service. I often hear business owners selling their product and a potential client would point out “Yes, I need that” but instead of emphasising the product or service that resonated with that potential client, they just continue to sell and tell them about all the other things they have on offer. When you hit a pain point, focus on that instead of continually talking about what you have to offer. Let them talk to themselves with their inner voice going, “Yeah, that’s me. I need help with that.” If they sell themselves into your product there’s no need for you to hard sell. Give them the right information. Don’t assume that they need to know everything about your business, just the products and services that can address their pains.

If you’re not a fan of hard selling, that’s okay. You can still attract as many clients as you can and generate as much sales as you can as long as you utilise the right strategies and techniques.

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