What’s THIS?

There’s a number of things that can happen to you, in your business, that holds you back from gaining new clients, and getting more income.

Are the People Controlling Your Time?

Have you got people coming at you, whether it’s suppliers, clients, team members, and going, “I need this urgently!” “I need that urgently,” and you’re pulled from pillar to post as we say, and you putting out spot fires.

People are bringing you problems and an email comes in and you’re answering emails as they come in. That’s somebody else controlling your time. What I say is, “He who controls your time, controls your income.” Take back the control of your income by controlling where you spend your time.

It Just Gets Chaotic

You’re not really sure where you’re heading. You’re just doing daily tasks, and you’re not consciously aware whether those tasks you’re doing are getting you to your financial goals. Whether you’re measuring the amount of clients or the amount of dollars in the bank, sometimes we can be chaotic and be very very busy, but none of those steps are getting you to your financial goals.

“Where Did That Week Go and Again I’ve Got Nothing Done.”

Have you ever said that to yourself? If yes, then set the Ideal Week. Set times to do strategic planning, research and development, client attraction, and self-development and training. Once you get an Ideal Week set in place, at the end of that week, you know everything’s done.

No one’s controlling your time. You’re out of chaos, and you have some calmness in your business where you don’t wake up at 1am in the morning going, “I forgot to do…” whatever it is that’s come to mind, and never again will you wake up in the middle of the night if you work with an ideal week.

You know that on Thursdays, 9 o’clock, you will be doing this task, you’ll be paying the bills on Thursday at three o’clock. Whatever time you allocate that suits your time schedule, but you know it will get done.

If you want to learn more about my Ideal Week, I’m holding a free webinar where we’re going to build your own ideal week as we go along in that webinar. If you’re interested in coming along, just look out for the link.

It will be everywhere and register today. Lock it in your calendar so you’re not in chaos.

Get in early because it is a limited number because it’s very hands-on. Join me! We’ll get your life out of chaos, and we’ll get you back in control of your time and your income.