What is your fear? There are three massive fears that a lot of coaches put in the big wide world when they’re running their businesses.


People go, “What if it doesn’t work.” “I put everything on the line.” “What will my family think? “I’ve got bills to pay.”

All of this negative self-talk around the fear of failure comes up. We all have fears and yes, some people do fail, but we don’t know unless we get going. Back yourself up. Lean into it and do not think about the failure. Just think about the steps you need to do to succeed.


A lot of people fear of success and they go, “Why do people have that?” What does that mean for them? If you’ve got a husband, wife, or significant other, how does it work with your siblings and your family dynamics? A lot of people are concerned about this. If they succeed, how will people feel around them? This is an example of a negative mindset that correlates to failure. People say, “If I’m successful, what does that mean for me?”


You may get in that warm little blanket and what you do is to stay in your little comfort zone where it’s all nice and safe and you really fear changing yourself. Changing what you truly believe would work previously but is now not serving as well. You fear about the change in your relationships. You fear about the change; about the way you run our business, and so I’m not asking you to change your values necessarily but it may be how you go about things on a daily basis.

You may say, “Well I’ve done this for the last 20 years.” But how is that serving you? When you go into wanting to move forward; to earn more money; to grow your business; to grow yourself, then you must expect to change and this is a very big fear I see amongst the coaches out of the big wide world. Please identify if one of these are your fears.

A lot of times when you have fears around moving forward and growing your business, it will be one of these three things. Look at it. Really ask yourself, and look within yourself and go, “What is holding me back and what am I really afraid of?”

Go and do some inner work around that.

If you need help about releasing some of these fears, I can help you out. I have my 3-day Modern Hypnosis Workshop coming up. You can do that.

You can learn it for yourself. You can learn it for others and have it as a tool in your tool belt as a coach. Let’s come along and get rid of some of the fears that’s holding you back and learn from there.