When was the last time you had a real conversation with yourself?

As we leave 2017 and enter into a new year, you’ve most likely written down a couple of New Year’s resolutions you can’t wait to tick off: eat healthier, exercise more, read more, or maybe open a new business. And you probably did this in 2017 too. The question is, have you achieved all your resolutions in the past year? If not, then what were the excuses that stopped you from achieving your goals?

If you haven’t attained all your 2017 goals, then you probably made up an excuse to justify why you weren’t able to move forward. Think about it. Was it because you were too busy? Or you didn’t have the time? Or was it too expensive?

The truth is, there is a solution to every excuse. Everyone has the time and everyone has the ability to earn money. All you have to do is to stay committed and stop making excuses because the rewards will definitely follow through. Don’t give into the little voices in your head. It’s as simple as that.

You often see videos about finding your passion, work harder, do what you got to do, and whatnot. All that is good, but what you really need to do is to stop taking these excuses, set your mind on something, and go after that goal relentlessly.

Think about the time when everything was going smoothly in your life and in your career; you were earning more than enough, surpassing your goals, and expanding your business. This was the time when you had no excuses. But it’s never too late to get back on track. This year, 2018, evaluate yourself. If you want to smash out every New Year’s resolution you have made, shift your mind and get rid of any excuse that’s holding you back. Don’t put blockages in your path and you’ll realise that 2018 will be your best year yet.

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