MentorshipFor a lot of entrepreneurs/businessmen, mentorship is very important. The greatest advice for my business comes from a mentor and I cannot begin to thank him for being my pillar and inspiration. Thank you Darren Stephens!  🙂

But what is mentorship and why do you need one? The answer is really simple. Successful people never reach their goals alone. We need somebody to lift us up and tell us if we screwed up along the way. But you can’t just focus on one mentor, find people who will inspire you, who will thrive with you, and you will never be alone in your drive for success. Here are four mentors you need to succeed:

1. Get a mentor who knows you personally and knows your business as well. They can be your parents, your brother or sister, any family member for that matter. They know you personally and sort of know you in an intimate way that nobody else can. They are the people who will stay with you, no matter what. They know about your struggles and successes, and know the hard work you put into your dream. They will be your backbone.

2. Get a mentor who knows you but not your business. They will be your sounding board. They can be rude sometimes, but it is something that you need to survive. Sometimes, you need somebody to slap you with the hard truth, and often, these people will open your mind like nobody else can. You need these kinds of mentors. Mentorship 2

3. Get a mentor you don’t know and doesn’t know about your business. They maybe business coaches, they are these successful entrepreneurs who have successfully brought their business to an empire and knows the in’s and outs of a business, in whatever field they may be. These business coaches see the bigger picture and brutally don’t care if you’re having a bad day. They simply know that you need to step-up! These mentors are out rightly the best people if you need a professional and unbiased opinion, which you don’t get from family and friends. 

4. The last one would be a mentor who doesn’t know you but has great knowledge about your industry. They know how to the business runs, they will not be hesitant to tell you that what you’re currently implementing in the business is wrong and doesn’t care if they hurt your feelings along with the process of asking for their piece of mind. A solicitor or accountant is an example of this type of mentor; they can forecast the future of your business. They will be the one to tell you that your system sucks or that what you’re business culture is wrong. It’s their job to tell you that you suck at your job running your business!

Having a mentor is imperative for any successful businessman, to quote John Crosby, “mentoring is a brain to pick, and ear to listen, and a push in the direction”. We all need that little push and it’s what really matters. If you really can’t have all four, at least have one. You will discover that the decision to get one would be the best you’ve had so far.

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