How does money make you feel? When I ask this question to friends, family and my coaching clients I receive different answers and it made me realise how powerful the influence of money has over our emotions and our state of mind. When we talk about money I want to know, is it giving you frustration or is it giving you freedom?

Money can make you feel angry, guilty or frustrated. On the other hand, it can also make you feel happy, joyful and free. What effect does money have on you? While it’s true that money is just a five-letter word, the impact it has on people can be dramatic. In all my years in business I learned that people have established limiting beliefs around money and I want to share with you what these limiting beliefs are.

One of the most limiting beliefs I hear about money is “I will never earn that amount of money.” If this is what you believe then you will never earn more than what you are earning today. The tendency, when you put a cap on your earning capacity, is to lose the drive to make more. You become content with what you have because you are convinced that you can only earn so much.

Whenever I hear this from people I always encourage them to change this belief because if they set their minds to this they will remain on the same level all of the time. My strategy is to always put a percentage aside of everything you earn. On pay days, allocate a percentage of your total income and set it aside. That way, you’ll feel secure that you have savings and wealth around you.

The second limiting belief is “I will never be able to retire.” There is talk circulating, particularly here in Australia, about not having enough pension because of the growing older population. Australians once thought that their pensions were going to be enough for retirement but are now realising that the pension they’ll receive will not be sufficient because people are living longer lives. Don’t let this limiting belief control your life. What you can do is save more and invest more while you are earning. When you invest you are compounding your money to earn more and more. You don’t want to grow old and become frustrated because the government cannot sustain the lifestyle you were used to. When it comes to your future, don’t depend on the government too much. You should do your part.

The last limiting belief I hear is “All I do is spend”, and then justify, “isn’t money meant to be spent?” Well sure, the whole point of having money is to have something to spend it on like food, living expenses and whatnot but if all you do is spend, spend, spend then that’s a completely different story, especially if you haven’t made a habit of saving.

Think about this, if there is a crisis tomorrow, how much money could you come up with? Before you spend everything you’ve earned to ‘reward’ yourself, make sure you set aside an ample amount of money in a crisis fund because whether you like it or not, bad things can happen to us and it can hamper our health. You don’t want to be in debt just because you didn’t save. So while you are healthy and earning, save your money and don’t spend it all.

These are the three limiting beliefs that I hear about money all of the time.

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