Networking has a lot of definitions for many people, but whatever it is for you, it’s an important part of your business, an important part of your own mental well-being as well for a lot of us, even if you’re an introvert, networking is still an important of part of your life. I wanted to talk to you about three ways that you can still network without having to have face-to-face contact, do it online, and still have an amazing experience.

One, look at social media groups, it’s a really good way of connecting with people with the same interests as you. They have the same challenges, they have the same successes, they have the same journey sometimes. It’s really good to connect with those people who are really like-minded and you’re on the same page or wavelength if you like. They can be really interactive and you can meet some people that you can still talk to online but want more one-on-one if you build those individual relationships.

The second one is Masterclasses where you get together with a group of people and again, they’ll be like-minded people for you, but it might be run by a facilitator who directs the questioning and the conversation to make sure that everybody’s getting helped in a more structured way. With my SMJ Master Coaches we have our Masterclass. Once you join as an SMJ Master Coach, you get to participate in the Masterclass for life.

We’re meeting up every week now in this environment to make sure we’re supporting each other, we have information and knowledge to make sure that we’re out there coaching at our A-game. A Masterclass, depending on the format, can be very powerful and empowering in your life and business and my Master Coaches have the great opportunity to have it for a lifetime, some Masterclasses will go for 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks, but our guys hang out for a lifetime. The knowledge and expertise that comes out of these Masterclasses is absolutely amazing, mind-boggling, inspiring, all mixed in together.

The third is one-on-one coaching. This is where you’ll get direct support from a coach, where it will be designed specifically for you. It’s very tailor-made for you personally, so you can build momentum much faster. I believe everybody should have a coach, particularly in these challenging times. This is when you need a coach, more than ever before to make sure that what looks like an environment where nothing is moving forward, you can continue to move forward, and there are absolutely unlimited possibilities on being able to move forward in this environment.

There’s just three ways where you can reach out, get support in an online environment, where you can network with other people who are like minded, have the same interests, are heading in the same direction, and are very supportive as well. Firstly, it was groups, secondly, a Masterclass, and thirdly, coaching. Make sure you have one of these three things.

Reach out to me if you’re looking for one of these because I have all of them. In fact. I have a Facebook group, I have my SMJ Master Coaches who have the Masterclass for a lifetime, and I also do one-on-one coaching. I hope that you reach out to me, if not me, somebody, and make sure that you have support around you in your business.

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