How do we hold customer’s attention through online marketing?

shutterstock_243800392If you are in a business, web-based or brick and mortar kind of business, online presence is a must. It creates avenue for business owners and customers alike to meet and connect. It may seem like a huge market to hit but it can be done with the help of Social Media Marketing. These marketing tools are often utilized to establish a connection to people that would turn traffic into income making leverage.

Social Media has a list of categories; this can be from Blogs, to Online Videos, Social Networks, Podcasts, and Widgets. In a virtual world where it’s been drowned by information, you can choose any in the list and apply it to your company’s preference in achieving its goals. World Wide Web has become a staple in every businessman’s strategic planning. Large corporations make use of the gigantic Social Media for its resources.

In any business, competition is inevitable, that is why you need to focus in one or two of the many Social Media tools you can use to market your business. These tools are linked to other sites that would make marketing strategies predominantly linked to your own website altogether. What are these Social Media Marketing tools? I am going to list a few of the sites that are already making massive contribution in the market. And it starts with:


Let’s face it, almost if not all businesses want to communicate with their customers. Professional marketing strategists know this and they use this media to post PR releases, update people with current trends, and with the company’s profile. So why not use this opportunity to interact with your customers, an opportunity to know and understand their needs, and to build a relationship of trust to further business growth.
It is also a way of showcasing your company’s products and services that would add to their knowledge about the company and how excellent those products are, therefore, leading it to monetary conversion. As a business owner, our goal and focus is to get their attention, maintain it, and keep them for many returns.

Social Media Networks

Optimize your Business Using Content and Social Media Marketing

There are a multitude of Social Networking sites available for application. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram are popular at the moment for its millions of supporters.


It is a great way of talking to the customers and making a consensus. You must first follow people in your area or other businesses or establishments they follow. There is a great deal of people using this social media today. One of Twitter’s applications that would be helpful is finding people nearest you if you are using a mobile phone to utilize Twitter. It would serve you best to know your follower’s interests. You can do anything a normal “tweep” or tweet people do; comment, suggest, or create links that they can track. More than a marketing tool, a person will sense if you are just using them for your own concern. Be sincere and understand the needs of your followers, offer discounts to those who have “re-tweeted” your posts as an example. So that’s great web traffic for you, your job is to keep them interested, captivated to the things which you have to say about your business.


A Facebook fan page gives you a lot of freedom to make yourself heard in the social media community. As soon as you created your page, it is where your marketing program should start, so a thorough and careful planning should be done before plunging into the real deal.

Know your customers and what they would want to see in your page, as opposed to primitive but still equally effective way of introducing any business to the virtual world, Facebook has made it possible for clients to go online and check your business offers and promos. It is an easier and cheaper way to make people visit your business though not physically but get a better glimpse and insight about how you run your business and what’s good for the taking.

Use hashtags (#), this makes running promos in Facebook easier to follow by just using hashtags for certain words that corresponds your promo/offer. This is just one of the reasons why having a Facebook page can optimize your online presence and ultimately your business. With choices on video and photo uploads, you can make a presentation of your company to make it accessible for people to take a preview of what’s in store for them. The interface is user friendly; you can play around the page and get yourself familiar with how it works and you’re set to make it seen in the Facebook community. They can make comments and suggestions on how you can assist them with their product inquiries on the comment box. It is a very good tool to make good customer relations.

Online Videos

These include YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr among others. It is basically making a video and broadcasting it for the world to appreciate your business. It takes a skill to do this, but the result would be important for your business to strike your market. Integrate other social media accounts to your video streaming accounts, make sure that you use interesting tags and keywords.


LinkedIn is like an online resume that highlights your capacity and strength to do a certain job. It is a network of professionals who are excited to share their accomplishments and who’s not ashamed of sharing it to the world. It allows you to capitalize on yourself and creates an avenue to be noticed and admired. In most cases, these things are not so admired in the “normal” business scenario but LinkedIn enables a person/businessman to sell himself without the fear of rejection. In fact, it is where future employers go to check out assertive employees or business ventures happen. So go and create that amazing LinkedIn profile and start building your network.


While mainly this format is for socialization at first, Instagram has become an avenue mostly for online sellers/businesses to advertise and promote their products. Instagram has fast become popular since it started 4 years ago and boasting over 200 million users all over the globe! It can be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and surely those images you share will get to the right market that you want to target.

There are hundreds of possibilities and ways to optimize your business using social media marketing. All you have to do is be a starter and ender of ideas. Create posts that will engage your audience, comment on the posts, share images that will appeal to your prospective clients. Make everything count as far as marketing is concerned, never miss an opportunity to advertise and create a friendly atmosphere that your customers will be able to connect to and eventually your hard work will pay off. Lastly, Never Give Up!