If you’re sitting there procrastinating, wondering whether you should be a coach or shouldn’t be a coach, or am I a coach, do these three things to get you unstuck and get you moving forward.

  1. Get started.

There is no perfect time to get started as being a coach. There’s no perfect time getting started to grow your business. There’s no perfect time to pivoting or changing your business model. Just get started.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Now is the perfect time. Do it now. Get started.

  1. Write down the first five things you need to do to get started.

Depending where you are in your coaching journey will depend on what are those next five things you need to do. If you have just left your job, then what are the first five things you need to do.

Keep chunking down. What’s the next five things that you need to do because when you look at the big picture and go, “I want to a multi-million dollars in my coaching business.” You get overwhelmed and then you sit, and you get stuck. Write those five things down, then you will start ticking the box.

  1. Allocate time

Allocate time in your Ideal Week. They are not perfect weeks, they’re Ideal Weeks. Allocate time in your week to spend on these five things. It might be, “Wednesday at nine o’clock, I’m going to spend 90 minutes working on these five things.”

You get up on Wednesday morning at nine o’clock to work on these five things. You don’t just go, “I’ve got to do five things this week.” Allocate the time like an appointment and that’s when you’re going to work on these things. Do this and you’ll move from procrastination to progress.

The progress may be slow at first because it’s like the mouse on the wheel. You start a little bit slower and then you get faster and faster and faster.

Don’t beat yourself up about the slowness you may feel at first, but it’s about being consistent and disciplined and allowing that progress to grow and grow and grow.

At my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop, I will share with you the strategies to grow your business fast. I pride myself on the strategies that I have that will take you from zero to hero very very quickly.

I have clients in my SMJ Master Coach Program who instantly charge their clients four times the amount that they were charging them the week before. Same clients.

I have SMJ Master Coaches in my program who have doubled and tripled their businesses within the first and second month after attending my event.

If you want to find out more about how you can move forward and get out of the procrastination, please come, and join me at my event.